About Us


At Plush Nights Bedding, we consider ourselves a different kind of bedding company.  We believe your bedroom should be an expression of your feeling, your vibes, your fantasies, and your dreams.  We believe that when you reach your bedroom at the end of every day, you should melt into a feeling of serenity and love and joy and even fantasy.  

With that being said, we are here to bring our collections to the world.  If you peruse our website, you will find a variety of comforters and comforter covers.  Before you shop, read this article to understand the difference and decide what type of bedding you actually want to buy:


This company was founded because we love the idea of a comfy, plush, chic, unique, and elegant bedding.  Our sleep time and bedroom time is the only time that we get to relax, be alone, have peace of mind, and reminisce about the day or make plans for tomorrow.  We feel that the quality and enjoyment of your bed and comforter is so important to make your bedroom time feel great!



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