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Plush Nights Bedding

Elegant Classical Plum Floral Embroidery White Bed Coverlet

Elegant Classical Plum Floral Embroidery White Bed Coverlet

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Elegant Plum Floral Embroidered White Bed Coverlet - Add a Touch of Grace to Your Bedroom!

Welcome to our elegant white bed coverlet featuring classical plum floral embroidery! This luxurious bedding brings a touch of sophistication and charm to your bedroom decor. Inspired by the cultural designs of USA and Canada, this premium embroidered bedspread showcases the timeless beauty of plum blossom motifs.

What's the bedding sets include in 3pcs?

Wide *Length

220X250cm 3pcs

  • 1 piece Bedspread: 220*250cm(87*98inches)
  • 2 pieces Pillowcases: 50*70cm(20*27inches)

250X250cm 3pcs

  • 1 piece Bedspread: 250*250cm(98*98inches)
  • 2 pieces Pillowcases: 50*70cm(20*27inches)

280X260cm 3pcs

  • 1 piece Bedspread:280*260cm(110*102inches)
  • 2 pieces Pillowcases:50*70cm(20*27inches)

1 cm = 0.3937008 inches

Whats the fabric?
       100%Cotton fabric

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Elegant White Bed Coverlet

Classical Plum Floral Embroidery

USA & Canada Cultural Design

Luxurious Bedding

White Floral Quilt

Elegant Bedroom Decor

Soft and Cozy Comfort

Premium Embroidered Bedspread

Floral Elegance for Bed




  1. Accept hand washing and machine washing, the water temperature not exceed 30 degrees.
  2. Do not use any bleach,  Do not soak the set for too long time.
  3. Do not dry clean, and do not use dryer 
  4. Low heat iron
  5. you may add a spoon of salt in to the cold water; And next time, you may wash our bedding sets in the wash machine, of course, not necessary to add the salt any more.

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